Your own radio station

Your Music Your Way

Want to go beyond just music and really speak to your customers? With The Broadcast House customized store casting, we can incorporate all of your businesses audible marketing into one medium and create for you a personalized corporate radio station, with your own call letters and station identification and greetings that only cater to you and your demographics.

Capitalize on your most captive market – your in-store clients. Storecasting allows you to broadcast integrated customized audio ads or messages with your choice of background music to customers within your establishment. Storecasting will transform your background music ambience into a dynamic environment with message enhancement. Customer storecasting solutions deliver the flexibility to offer unique programming by store or region, with easy centralized control, and best of all, customized solutions are our specialty!

Store casting allows you to provide customized audio ads broadcast through your own internal paging system to your customers within your store. Storecasting ads/messages are inserted into the digital audio feed from our broadcast house, which provides you with the latest technology in point of sales advertising.

The Broadcast House is able to offer complete store casting solutions for multi-location retailers, restaurants or financial institutions. Customized programs are our specialty. So, if you are tired of being held hostage by your music provider, let us offer a better product with significant savings.

  • Control over what your customers are listening to while on your premises
  • Offers news about your products and services
  • Cross sell and up-sell
  • Inform customers about new industry developments
  • Highlight special offers and promotions
  • Other informational announcements
  • It’s like having your own radio station, with your own commercials, all about your business, broadcasting to your customer’s right on your premises