Audio Systems

Equipment Excellence

We have the capabilities to implement your requirements from studio to deployment to content and equipment management. You can trust we will deliver your content quickly and conveniently. When you’re running a business, you don’t have time for confusing background music players and unreliable playback. Fortunately, at The Broadcast House, we make background music as easy as it should be. We develop and only use the best equipment in delivering your background music and in-store messaging content and it is included with our service. We will work with you on confirming the best application for delivering and managing your content – whether it be our Music Zeppelin app, or DSL broadband audio streaming capability, which allows you to maximize your investment in broadband technology via our broadband player.

We also have a team that is here to support you! Whether you are a single site or one with thousands, we have the ability to deploy and manage your implementation based on your equipment scheduling needs.