Music Zeppelin

Control at your fingertips

Music Zeppelin is your portal to accessing all of Music Choice’s commercial channels in order to manage your in-store audio content in one, simple to use app, bringing all that the Broadcast House has to offer in the palm of your hand. Music Zeppelin offers you unprecedented control of your music. Manage what’s playing, when it’s playing, 24 hours a day and schedule commercials for products featured in your store, restaurant, office or any business establishment.

With the Music Zeppelin app you also have access to all Music Choice commercial channels for your business. Music Zeppelin means your music, customized with advertisements; broadcasting your channels and your content from your device within your business. And Music Zeppelin is expanding what the Broadcast House has to offer even more by including on-screen visual imagery to correspond with each song, allowing you to display artist images and facts, including the song title and author.

Provide a BYOD (bring your own device) content delivery option – download the Music Zeppelin app on your own tablet, ipod, smartphone and connect to your amplifier for broadcasting within your business premises – wifi or cellular data connectivity required.

Music Zeppelin allows you to have customized, in-store and on-hold audio and visual content for any business, in any industry. Music zeppelin is the future of in-store marketing.

Download the Music Zeppelin app on your own web enabled tablet or smartphone, and connect to your amplifier for broadcasting, at your business it’s that easy.