Music Licenses

With us, you're covered

No matter your industry, federal copyright laws require you to secure the proper licensing rights to play music in your business. If you don’t pay for a license, you run the risk legal action that could cost you thousands of dollars. With The Broadcast House you don’t have to worry about music licensing fees because we cover them for you. Obtaining those rights on your own can be complex and confusing, costing you frustration, time and money. There’s an easier and more affordable way.

With The Broadcast House, your music is already fully licensed for standard background music business use. Additionaly we have broadcasting and licensing agreements for the following music, sound effects, and broadcasting houses: – Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, Lucas Films, 20th Century Fox, Hanna Barbera, Turner Entertainment, the original music house, Music Choice, and the oldest music house in the world, Chappell.


Of course these licenses mandate us to have a billing and collection agreement in place. That is the law and because of such we do remit all tariff licensing fees that pertain to the public broadcasting in your business or on the public telephone network.

Let us take care of the licensing while you enjoy great music and keep doing what you do best, run your business. Get peace of mind and save time and money with The Broadcast House.